Howie's Pie (striped pie apple)

Size: Medium

Shape: Conical

Background: Yellow

Pattern: Stripes, Speckles, One Big Patch, Russetting

Pattern Colors: Brown, Red

Basin: Wide and Shallow

Basin Scarf Skin: No

Basin Russet: Yes

Calyx: Closed

Calyx Shape: Flattened

Cavity: Narrow and Deep

Stem: Thick, Does Not Extend Beyond Cavity

Texture of Peel: Dry

Notes on Outside of Apple: Excellent Cooking Apple Retains Shape And Gets Sweeter And Pinker

Flesh Color: White

Star at Center of Apple: Wide and Pointed

Core Line: Narrow

Core Line Meets Tube: Middle

Flavor: Sweet

Texture: Juicy, Crisp, Tender

Skin Tough: Yes