Mapping apples using the Geopaparazzi app and our apple form note:

Download Geopaparazzi to an Android device that has GPS capacity (most phones and tablets)

Download our apple form note (below).

Delete the tags.json file in the the Geopaparazzi folder and replace with the apple form note, rename the apple form note tags.json.

Open Geopaparazzi and start a new project.

Make sure your GPS is connected (the GPS icon will turn green).

Take an apple note (you can do this from the main page, or from the map view--in map view select the note button which is a single page icon). Make sure that the bar at the top has the green "notes placed in GPS position" selected).

Choose apple note and fill in as many of the fields as you like (you may have to use the back button between fields to get back to the note). The only mandatory field are the date (which autofills), an apple identifier, and a photo.

Save your note by selecting the cross in a circle.

Take as many apple notes as you like.

Send us the resulting .gpap file and we'll add your data to our map.